Monday, January 2, 2012

Random Thoughts, Vol. 5: “National Talk Like Snagglepuss Day”

In line with the recent surge in popularity for “International Talk Like a Pirate Day” (September 19th, as if you didn’t already know), I would like to propose a “National Talk Like Snagglepuss Day,” to commemorate the revolutionary vernacular of the most influential pink mountain lion this nation has ever seen.

It would be amazing...fantastic...wonderful, even.

According to the cultural center of all things Snagglepuss (okay, his Wikipedia page), his show first began its run on January 30, 1961. While it’s sad that we just missed this date’s 50th anniversary, we can make up for it by making the first “National Talk Like Snagglepuss Day” that much bigger of a deal this January 30th. This gives us some time, but not a lot — some 28 days, according to my calculations — but like all commemorative events, the day is only as big as the people who choose to celebrate it.

I mean, can you imagine the president giving a press conference on such an occasion, trying to walk the fine line between proving that he is “with it” with the regular people while still maintaining the dignity of the office?

It might begin something like this:

“The war in Iraq has been sad. It has been tragic. It has been devastating, even.”

And then he could switch it up a bit and say:

“But the strength and valor shown by our brave men and women in uniform has been nothing if not noble. In fact, it has been amazing, courageous, inspiring, even.”

And then he could go on and wrap up his thoughts in an un-Snagglepuss way, which might divert any attention drawn by the “with it”-yet-distracting cadences of “National Talk Like Snagglepuss Day.” In fact, he could go on and say pretty much whatever he wanted, however he wanted. Until, of course, it is time for him to leave the podium; at this point there are only three words he can say.

Exit stage left!

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  1. i want a few more tips on how to talk like snagglepuss