Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Thoughts, Vol. 1: Good Book, Bad Intentions

They say that the Bible is the most stolen book in the United States. While most people find this surprising or ironic, I think it makes perfect sense. If people are stealing the Bible, they probably haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet; thus, they haven’t learned that “Thou shalt not steal.”

I think the real tragedy here is that the Bible is not the most returned book in the United States. But this may not be as much people consciously defying moral standards as it is a reflection that most people buy books not to read, but to put on their shelves so that they look smart when people come over.

And as the Word of God, is there any smarter-looking book to own besides the Bible?

That is, until David McCullough releases his next book about some historical thing that you never cared about until he put his name on it.

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  1. Hadn't thought about this. Definitely an interesting point....